billion kWh
produced by Energoatom’s NPPs
share of Energoatom in Ukraine’s total electricity output
million in taxes paid to national and local budgets
installed capacity of 15 nuclear power units


In 2018, SE NNEGC Energoatom demonstrated stable operating results and reinforced its status of the largest electricity producer in Ukraine. The Company generated 53.1% of domestic electricity, providing consumers with clean and affordable energy. Strict compliance with the rules and regulations of nuclear and radiation safety, as well as with the quality and management standards helps us cement the leadership position.

The National Award 2018 for Science and Technology was a well-deserved recognition of our achievements. We received the award for a paper titled “Development and Implementation of Condensing Steam Turbines at Nuclear Power Plants”. The reliability of the thermal and mechanical equipment in a reactor island is key to the safe, efficient, and effective operation of power units. Specialists of Kharkiv-based Turboatom developed a new generation of condensing turbines commissioned at Energoatom. The equipment will be useful for both the upgrade of operating NPPs and the construction of new nuclear power units.

Our Complex (Consolidated) Safety Upgrade Programme of Power Units of Ukrainian NPPs 2017-2020 has consolidated measures under previous programmes that were aimed at the efficiency and reliability improvements but were not implemented due to regular underfunding. Therefore, every measure implemented under the Programme is a great achievement for NPP personnel. Despite financial challenges, the high professionalism and commitment of the team have helped us guarantee the responsible corporate governance, safe and reliable electricity for the Ukrainian society.

We work successfully to improve the efficiency and nominal capacity of domestic power units as prescribed by Ukraine Energy Strategy 2035. In line with the strategy, Energoatom has increased the thermal capacity of power unit No. 1 at South-Ukraine NPP to 101.5% Nnom.

2019 is a milestone year seeing the launch of a new model of electricity market based on European laws. In 2018, we established a separate subdivision, Energoatom-Trading, to get prepared for the new market model. Energoatom-Trading will focus on selling electricity produced by nuclear power plants and gaining profit.


In 2018, construction works were underway on the site of the Central Spent Fuel Storage Facility, the first nuclear facility built from scratch since Ukraine’s independence. To ensure an effective project management, we timely reorganised Atomprojectengineering, considering the needs to fast-track the project, develop and supply special and generalpurpose equipment for the storage facility and NPPs that will deliver the spent nuclear fuel to the site.

We look into the future with confidence; therefore, in 2018 we signed a landmark Memorandum of Understanding with Holtec International to underpin our cooperation in the use of small modular reactors. This is our chance to become a world’s leading exporter of next-generation reactor plants.

We continue to develop the Company in accordance with the approved strategy. Our unfailing priority principles will remain unchanged: safe and reliable electricity generation, openness and transparency, strategic planning and development of the nuclear power sector in Ukraine with cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions.

Olexandr V. Shavlakov,

First Vice President – Technical Director,