Over UAH
in investments in H&S measures and equipment

of targets achieved in the implementation of the Complex (Consolidated) Safety Upgrade Programme of Power Units of Ukrainian NPPs
of occupational diseases, injuries, group accident, and atalities at work


implemented by Energoatom in 2018


Technological discipline and safety culture require special attention in the context of increased load on NPPs. Human resources, management style and methods, social and psychological climate of production teams are in the focus of NPP management.

Being aware of the importance of safety at NPPs, Energoatom and the Company’s subdivisions continued their efforts to build, maintain, and enhance the safety culture in line with IAEA recommendations in 2018.

The implementation of a number of programmes, in particular the Complex (Consolidated) Safety Upgrade Programme of Power Units of Ukrainian NPPs (CCSUP) and the Complex Programme for Improving the Efficiency and Reliability of NPP Units Operation 2017-2020, further helped prioritise the safe operation of NPPs and reliable production of electric and thermal power.

The aggression of the Russian Federation in the east of Ukraine still requires additional measures that will strengthen the system of physical protection of nuclear power plants from sabotage and terrorist acts involving nuclear facilities and nuclear materials. Throughout the year, the Company continued to make every effort to conduct counterterrorism exercises, including drills in partnership with the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). Additionally, the Company reviewed all measures designed to enhance the physical protection of NPP facilities upon the introduction of martial law on 26 November 2018.

Energoatom continued developing its Integrated Management System, ensuring the radiation safety of personnel and limiting the footprint of NPPs on the environment and the population. In 2018, no incident or emergency classified under INES international scale occurred at the operating NPPs of Ukraine, and the levels of emissions and discharges of radioactive substances did not exceed a tenth of one percent of the permissible limits.


Our commitment to the safety principles in the NPP operation was confirmed by a number of WANO peer reviews and an IAEA mission that conducted a peer review of operational safety performance experience and the plant self-assessment review for the first time at Energoatom (PROSPER service). Safe and harmless working conditions have always remained one of the Company’s priorities. In 2018, Energoatom did not have any occupational diseases, injuries, group accidents or fatalities. Our goal is to maintain and improve the level of safety culture within the Company and work together to ensure production of clean and reliable electricity for Ukraine.

Valeriy Kravets,

Executive Production Director, Energoatom